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Yet again Robin Johnson has organized another successful cycle jumble, on 6 December 2014, this was held at Leaden Roding village hall, Essex. The aim was to raise funds to help support the SPOCO south east competition.
This was acheived, and therefore Robin Johnson has made a donation that will fund prize money for next year's competition.
This would have not been possible with out the organisational skills and drive of Robin Johnson, therefore a big thanks to Robin. But not only Robin. Jim and Fran Hornett, Dean Lubin who worked in the kitchen. Again a large amount of bacon was cooked and consumed.

A big thanks to those that came along to support this event, and we hope you enjoyed it. To those that did not, this event is going to be repeated in 2015 so don't miss out.

Photos from the 2014 Jumble
Photos from the 2013 Jumble
Photos from the event 2011

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