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The original sporting courses competition est. 1982


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Sporting Courses Points Competition South East entry

Competition secretary: George Potter,
email: george@spoco.org.uk telephone: 01702 540555

Qualifying Conditions, Awards and Status 2019
Any number of events may be ridden:
1 x Group 1; 3 x Group 2; 2 x Group 3 to Qualify.
120 points for 1st place reducing by 1 point per placing, down to 1 point for 120th place.
Junior entrants must complete 3 x group 1 and
3 x group 2 to qualify.
Certain events, promoted by one club, held on the same day/course/distance, that consist of separate male, female and/or veteran events, the points for all these events will be combined in time order, to count for the competition.

First: Gold Medal and Trophy. Second: Silver Medal. Third: Silver Medal.
Bronze Medals down to 6th place.
First Lady: Gold Medal and Trophy. Second Lady: Silver. Medal. Third Lady: Silver Medal.
Bronze Medals down to 6th place.
First Junior: Gold Medal and Trophy.
First Team of Three: Gold Medals and Trophy.
First Veteran: Gold Medal.
First Senior Veteran: Gold Medal.
First Super Veteran: Gold Medal.
First King Veteran: Gold Medal.
Handicap Competition for Previous Qualifiers.
First: Gold Medal and Trophy. Second: Silver Medal. Third: Silver Medal.
Bronze Medals down to 6th place.
Junior: Juniors must be 14 years old on 1st January and no older than 18 years on date of final event of the season.
Juniors/Juveniles may enter the competition only with the authorisation of their parents.
If due to lack of entrants the junior competition will revert back to 2005 status. The winner must then complete the main competition qualifying conditions.
Senior: Seniors must be aged 18 years to 39 years at 1st of January.
Veteran: Veteran competition will continue to be in ten-year age bands, the veteran class will be defined as age at 1st of January of the competition year.
Veteran: 40 to 49 years. Senior Veteran: 50 to 59 years. Super Veteran: 60 to 69 years. King Veteran: 70 plus years.


GROUP 1 GROUP 2                                   
23rd March Southern Counties CU 10 m 03rd March Hainault RC Hilly 50 km
27th April London Phoenix 9.2 m 17th March Maldon Hilly 18m
1st June Elite CC 10 m 24th March Medway Velo 21.9m
8th June Maldon & District CC 10 m 30th March Chelmer CC Hardriders 25m
31st July Essex Roads CC 10.3m 14th April Easterley RC 25 m
24th August Victoria CC 10 m 6th May Dulwich Paragon 18 m
12th May Maldon & District CC 25 m
19th April Crawley Wheelers Sporting 41 m 16th June Chelmer CC 25 m
2nd June Maldon & District CC 50 m   4th August Essex Roads CC Sporting 24 m
30th June Southend Wheelers 50 m 26th August Essex Roads CC 25 m
21nd July Colchester Rovers CC 47 m   6th October Lea Valley CC (Comet 25) 25 m
11th August Colchester Rovers CC 50 m
29th September Lea Valley CC (Crescent 30) 30 m


To enter SPOCO south east competion on line, first fill in the On line entry form.

Please note this must be completed, as the personal details are only used for the current year's competition, also providing the completed competition entry form, gives your permission to hold your personal details for this year's competition.

Then send via Paypal your registration fee paypal page
A Paypal account is required, to enter on-line, if you do not have a Paypal account, please use the post option below.
Please note if you do not fill in the on line entry form and pay using Paypal, this will delay your entry to SPOCO SE.

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